Lobsy Investments (Pty) Ltd

Lobsy Investments (Pty) Ltd is a projects and investments entity for the Lobsy group of companies. Our professional approach and stability as a company, allows us to be viewed as a trustworthy and fair partner in all the projects that we collaborate in.

Our breadth of knowledge and unique ability to source investment from within the wider Lobsy group, allows us to offer more access to investment propositions for the benefit of every project that we partner with. Our company identifies investments with a high growth potential and we allocate investment capital with great flexibility and leverage.

We operate with the objective of maximising long term shareholder value through active participation on strategic decision making bodies and the board of directors for every company in our investment portfolio. As a projects and financial investment company, we do not typically participate in the day to day management of our acquisitions.

We help to create and enhance value through collaboration and active approach to strategic planning and asset management within our portfolio of investments. Our core business is the mining sector, infrastructure development, real estate investments, hospitality assets and development projects and much more.

Our current focus is on finding strategic partnerships, acquisitions and recapitalisation transactions for existing and prospective projects.

At the heart of our business operations, lies our company values. We embrace our values and consider them as a set of principles necessary to further our business ambitions.

We are committed and dedicated to the cause

With every acquisition and investment that we become a part of, we work diligently to ensure that all strategic, financial and managerial needs are met in order to attain success.

We provide leadership

We bring on board advanced technology, innovative manufacturing and sound business management to every investment portfolio. We lead through competence teamwork and creativity.

Honesty and integrity

We are committed to fulfilling our commitments as responsible business partner’s and investors. We will consistently treat our partners, shareholders and company resources with the respect they deserve.

We value people

We treat other all people with respect regardless of their colour or creed. We understand the significance of diversity  and the contributions that come out of  collaboration.

At Lobsy Investments (Pty) Ltd, we analyse each prospective portfolio broadly and holistically to understand the risks and returns in order to construct solutions within a strategic risk framework that would better meet the needs of all stakeholders. Our experienced board of directors is responsible for ensuring that all risks are established in order to identify the appropriate strategies to manage them.

The responsibility for risk management is distributed throughout the company, starting with top management down the ranks to the most junior team members.  Through the business planning process, we ensure that the leaders of each department are responsible for appropriately managing the risks assumed within their areas of responsibility.

Our investment strategy is managed within our Risk/Return Accountability Framework which includes the risk policy, targets and limits for the Board and management to monitor and control investment risks. We close the gap between what our clients need and what they want by providing bespoke portfolios and solutions.

Lobsy Investments (Pty) Ltd is one of the fastest growing investment companies in Africa, known for our long term and committed approach to investing. We are a reliable investor and partner for business clients throughout Africa. Our size, scale and resources means that we have extensive research, financial muscle and analysis resources across all major markets that our fund managers can draw on to assist them in their aim of producing long term returns for all our stakeholders involved.

We offer transparent, competitive pricing across our entire range of investment solutions to our clients. Our various service divisions of the Lobsy Group and client satisfaction levels, point to the fact that we are a committed business partner with the resources and business experience necessary to manage and make a success out of any investment portfolio that we venture on.

Our comparative advantages afford us a distinct perspective in making our investment decisions.

We enjoy the benefits of each and every investment and project that we undertake. Most importantly, we enjoy seeing the difference our initiatives do for communities, local people and most importantly our business partners and shareholders.

117 Oxford Road, Fendale | Extension 3,Randburg, 2160 | P.O.Box 35576 | Northcliff, 2115
Phone: +27 (0) 86 10 Lobsy (086 105 6279)
Mobile: +27 (0) 11 792 4226
Fax: +27 (0) 11 792 3015
Email: invest@lobsy.co.za

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